About Us

During the 1920's, some immigrant Scandinavians, mostly Swedes, came to the United States of America and eventually settled in the greater Hartford area of Connecticut. All were not necessarily Christians when they first came. “They were all good, immigrant stock, hardworking, honest men and women of strong character. Each, with his own personal story, received Christ as their Savior. In time, they were naturally drawn together to a church of their common Scandinavian heritage – the Swedish Baptist Church, by denomination.” After seeking and receiving the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit" as written in the book of Acts, they began to meet for prayer in each other’s homes.

On August 5, 1931, the incorporating as an official church body under the name of The Hartford Gospel Tabernacle began. By the Fall of 1931 the newly formed church, only a few months old, moved into a rented store front on Capitol Avenue, Hartford. In that same year, 1931, Hartford Gospel Tabernacle purchased property at the corner of West Beacon Street and Warren Terrace in West Hartford and a church building was constructed.

In 1955 it was decided that the church building was outgrown. Property at 846 Prospect Avenue in Hartford, a 14-room mansion, was purchased and a sanctuary and hall were added. As with the first building they lacked nothing. All that was needed was prayed for and provided. The Tabernacle was known as the “Church that Prayer Built.” When they needed money or materials the congregation went to prayer and God met the need. The same prayerful self-sacrifice was again evidenced in them as before. When it became known to the congregation that they lacked $13,000 of the $36,000 purchase price, a special meeting was called. After they prayed, a member immediately pledged the full amount. God is always the same-- yesterday, today and forever! He never changes. What He has done before He is always more than able to do again.

The new sanctuary was dedicated on October 21, 1957. The costs of the Prospect Avenue property, the renovation of the Mansion, and construction of the new sanctuary totaled $214,000, all debt free! In 1958 the old parsonage on Lockwood Terrace was sold for $15,200.00 Around 1975 the church Hartford Gospel Tabernacle, changed its name for the second time to the name it carries today, FAITH ASSEMBLY OF GOD.

Faith Assembly of God continues to live by prayer and faith. From its inception, many pastors have planted and many sowed, the demographics of the congregation and neighborhood have changed but God has remained faithful.

Faith Assembly of God is pastored today by Rev. and Mrs. Colbert Sesanker. Rev. Sesanker is determined to proclaim Christ so that all may get to know “The depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! “ “How unsearchable his judgments, and his ways past finding out!” Romans 11:33.